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Early on Fuel Collection

Week 5, NFT Expeditor
Mint is over. The Early on Fuel campaign has finished. Check more opportunities on our Twitter.

Week 5, NFT Expeditor

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NFTs, the driving force behind blockchain activity, fuel endless possibilities. Embrace your sense of belonging to the community, showcase your status, explore investment strategies, and even monetize your art! 🎨 Mastering the art of NFTs - whether it's buying, trading, or creating - is a must-have skill for all passionate blockchain explorers like you.

Unleash your potential and let NFTs empower your blockchain journey! 💪

This NFT is a reward for participating in the fifth week of Fuelet Early on Fuel Campaign. To get one, join our Zealy and complete the following quests:

⭐️ Week 5, Intro to Fuel NFTs
⭐️ Week 5, Choose your fighter
⭐️ Week 5, Become an NFT collector
⭐️ Week 5, Mint the key to our NFT on Thunder

Complete Zealy quests, check eligibility and claim your NFT

Works ONLY with Chrome extension on PC. Not eligible? Follow this link.