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Early on Fuel Collection

Week 4, DeFi Hero
Mint is over. The Early on Fuel campaign has finished. Check more opportunities on our Twitter.

Week 4, DeFi Hero

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The gateway to any blockchain lies in its dapps: from creating domains to swapping tokens and making those first DEX transactions, each step unveils the explorer within you. 🌌 Embrace the excitement of venturing into the unknown, for every small step you take as an individual, is a giant leap for the blockchain community.

Get ready to dive into the world of possibilities! Here we go! 💫

This NFT is a reward for participating in the fourth week of Fuelet Early on Fuel Campaign. To get one, join our Zealy and complete the following quests:

⭐️ Week 4, quest 1: Intro to Fuel Dapps
⭐️ Week 4, quest 2: Fluid Connect
⭐️ Week 4, quest 3: Acumen Connect
⭐️ Week 4, quest 4: What dapps do you us the most?

Complete Zealy quests, check eligibility and claim your NFT

Works ONLY with Chrome extension on PC. Not eligible? Follow this link.