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Early on Fuel Collection

Week 3, Jump into Account Abstraction
Mint is over. The Early on Fuel campaign has finished. Check more opportunities on our Twitter.

Week 3, Jump into Account Abstraction

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Hey, Account Abstraction Magister! Understanding AA may not be simple at first, but delving into how it works significantly enhances your knowledge of blockchains and crypto wallets. Features provided by AA like paying gas in any token, bundle transactions, social recovery methods, web3 auth, hardware signer, and more make the whole Web3 user experience better. Now you know what to look for in the products you’re using. Or can simply use Fuel network and Fuelet.

This NFT is a reward for participating in the third week of Fuelet Early on Fuel Campaign. To get one, join our Zealy and complete the following quests:

⭐️ Week 3, quest 1: Intro to Account Abstraction
⭐️ Week 3, quest 2: What’s a predicate?
⭐️ Week 3, quest 3: Test a Fuelet AA feature
⭐️ Week 3, quest 4: Spread knowledge

Complete Zealy quests, check eligibility and claim your NFT

Works ONLY with Chrome extension on PC. Not eligible? Follow this link.