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Early on Fuel Collection

Week 2, Blockchain Navigator
Mint is over. The Early on Fuel campaign has finished. Check more opportunities on our Twitter.

Week 2, Blockchain Navigator

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Welcome to the Fuel fam! 🤗

Throughout all 8 weeks, you'll dive into the depths of the Fuel blockchain, and this exclusive NFT is your well-deserved reward for mastering the fundamentals. 🏆 Armed with this knowledge, you'll confidently navigate the revolutionary Layer 2 technology like a seasoned pro.

Let the adventure begin, and may your journey be filled with growth and excitement! 🌟

This NFT is a reward for participating in the second week of Fuelet Early on Fuel Campaign. To get one, join our Zealy and complete the following quests:

⭐️ Week 2, quest 1: Intro to Fuel
⭐️ Week 2, quest 2: Twitter fans
⭐️ Week 2, quest 3: Why Fuel?
⭐️ Week 2, quest 4: Connect to the community

Complete Zealy quests, check eligibility and claim your NFT

Works ONLY with Chrome extension on PC. Not eligible? Follow this link.