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Early on Fuel Collection

Week 1, I'm on board
Mint is over. The Early on Fuel campaign has finished. Check more opportunities on our Twitter.

Week 1, I'm on board

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Starting your journey is often challenging, however, it's known to set the foundation for success. The first steps identify the paths ahead and equip you with essential tools and skills for the road. Exploring Fuel network starts from creating an account on Fuelet.

This NFT is a reward for participating in the first week of Fuelet Early on Fuel Campaign. To get one, join our Zealy and complete the following quests:

⭐️ Week 1, quest 1: Intro to Fuelet
⭐️ Week 1, quest 2: Twitter Connect
⭐️ Week 1, quest 3: Set up the Fuelet Wallet for browser
⭐️ Week 1, quest 4: Set up the Fuelet Wallet for mobile

Your adventure is just getting started, and there's so much more to uncover... Wish you luck! 💫

To be eligible to claim this NFT, submit your wallet to the last quest of week 1 on our Zealy till Aug 6, Sun.

Works ONLY with Chrome extension on PC. Not eligible? Follow this link.